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Phone: (414) 481-2121

MWF9010GR — Solid Top Chest Freezer (10 cu ft)


Standard Features:

  • Atosa Solid Top Freezers are uniquely designed to store ice cream and all types of frozen merchandise and seasonal specialties.

  • 3 inch insulation foam wall secure cold effect using environmentally friendly refrigeration system.

  • Maintains -10° F (-23.33 °C) to – 1 °F, ideal for both ice cream and frozen food. Exterior white pre-coated steel cabinet is durable and permanent.

  • Interior white pre-coated aluminum is NSF Sanitation approved and is durable and easy to clean.

  • Standard door locks provides security prevents theft. (for models above MWF9007)

  • Convenient defrost drain for easy cleaning. 2” (50MM) diameter stem casters.

  • Standard Epoxy coated white basket to keep smaller items in place.

Standard Features:

  • Extra Baskets –

    MWF9007 – basket part#: MWFP919

    MWF9010 – basket part#: MWFP920

    MWF9016 – basket part#: MWFP920