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Phone: (414) 481-2121

CSTEB-5C — 5 Open Well Electric Steam Table


Standard Features:

  • Fully insulated open wells—all four sides and bottom of wells are insulated by fiberglass, 8″ deep, dry heating style, open well design

  • Temperature control – individual infinite switch controls each well

  • Two type heat elements—500 watt per well and 750 watt per well

  • Stainless steel die-stamped opening—12”x20”, rising lip around well helps keep well clean and makes food pans easy to load and unload

  • Poly cutting board—7” wide x 1/2” thick with 18 gauge stainless steel support shelf and brackets

  • 18 gauge stainless steel top, body and under shelf

  • Stainless steel tubular legs with adjustable stainless steel feet, giving tables a strong structure

  • Indicator light of each well shows both power on and element heating

  • Mechanical guards on all switches for safety and reliability

  • Standard with water pans